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Integrated Media - The Sequel!

The APC is pleased to announce our next big Education event:

Integrated Media - The Sequel!
Content Distribution, Digital Publishing and Prevailing Print!

Advertising, editorial articles, social media posts, video, photos and all information is now considered ‘content’ and has the capability of being interactive. Media is moving! Partnerships are constantly being created. Technology has enabled us to connect differently and the audience is engaged as never before. We can have a conversation with published content and we can do it using many forms of media. We have more choices now than ever.

Digital Publishing has deep roots. However, due to technology, there are new seeds being planted today and everyday which has changed the dynamics of how we read, see, process and exchange content. This event will allow us to get inside the heads of some very smart industry professionals and learn where these roots are and what the new crops will look like.

Content may still be KING, but the objective today is to create a COMMUNITY. Digital Publishing and its audience have become more aware of ‘real time’ and the need for getting the stories ‘NOW’. This has pushed publishing into an interactive place that allows us to experience and respond.

Our panel will include: 
·        Chris Perez, CEO at Left Right Media LLC, Founding Editor & CD at Citygram Austin Magazine
·        Jane Grenier, Executive Director, Global Marketing at Condé Nast
·        Steven Diamond, Executive Director Creative Services and Photography, Scholastic Publishing
·        Peter Kuhn, President, Adstream America



5:30pm Check-in
6:00pm Panel Discussion
8:00pm Networking Food & Beverages

JWT: J Walter Thompson
466 Lexington Avenue,
2nd Floor Event Room
New York NY 10017


Now Accepting Scholarship Applications 

Calling for applications for our 2015 Scholarships.

Please visit our Scholarship partner website at the link below to apply for our 2015 Scholarships. The APC-NYC is proud to announce we are again offering an amazing number of awards to this years students. We look forward to a great event in June where we will award the well-deserved students with the respective awards they will receive!

For the Scholarship Application form please visit:


The deadline for Scholarship Applications for the 2015--2016 school year is May 11, 2015. 

Winners will receive their scholarships in June at the Annual Graphics Scholarship Awards Ceremony. If you have any questions, please email scholarhips@GCSFny.org.